How we charge

Marketing retainer

Fixed fees

We charge a fixed fee that links to deliverables and not hours. It is essentially a project fee broken up into smaller monthly payments. This way, we are focused on what matters most, namely delivering a successful outcome no matter the number of hours it requires. It also allows you to budget for our involvement and gives you the flexibility to stop the project if you do not see the value.

It's not about the money

Our fee is essentially fixed, with the main variable being the number of months we are involved.

Medium-sized companies

On average, we charge R20,000 / month over six months to execute a strategic project. If it is a small project, we may charge R20,000 just for one month, and if it is a huge project, it may be for more than six months. But on average, the period is six months, and the fee is R20,000.

Startups & small businesses

We follow the same approach as with medium-sized companies, but our fee is R10,000 / month.


For individuals who need marketing coaching and advice, we charge R5,000 / month.

* Corporates?

If you are intrigued by our no-nonsense style of marketing consulting, you are welcome to contact us for a quote. Our approach will, however, remain mostly the same: a fixed fee, linked to outcomes and split over some months.

Let's start like this

If you are interested in potentially working with us, let’s schedule an introductory meeting at no charge. As far as possible, we like to use this meeting to conduct a high-level marketing review and give you our first findings. This way, we aim to add immediate value and give you a sense of how we work.

Contact us to schedule a session.