How we charge

You can buy our services in three ways, as listed below.

Marketing retainer

1. Marketing planning workshop

A high-impact half-day workshop to develop a marketing plan for your business/company based on a set of information you prepare for us beforehand to inform the session.

Each workshop starts with a review of your business as well as the information you bring with on the day, followed by a structured discussion to flesh out marketing objectives and specific actions. The output is a documented marketing plan that you can implement yourself or with limited outside help if required.

The workshop is conducted by Bernard Jansen, who has many years of experience helping entrepreneurs and companies take a strategic approach to marketing and branding.

We charge R7,000 for this workshop and conduct it at a venue of your convenience. Travel costs outside of Gauteng are excluded.

2. Strategic marketing project

We work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan for your company or products. We build the strategy from the ground up, starting with a careful review of the entire business, formalising the brand strategy, fleshing out the value propositions, marketing messages and developing a marketing calendar using an optimal mix of digital and traditional tools.

The process typically takes two months, depending on the size of the company, and involves input from all senior managers.

We charge a fixed fee for such a strategic marketing plan, broken up into monthly payments. Our fee depends on the size of the company but typically starts at R30,000.

3. Monthly management & support

We work with you and your team on a month to month basis as outsourced marketing managers. We implement strategic projects, train your team, draw up plans and generally manage your marketing on a day to day basis according to best practice approaches.

Our fee is not linked to hours but stays the same for every month of our involvement. This way, we can focus on delivering a successful outcome no matter the time it takes.

Since we work with a broad spectrum of clients, from startup entrepreneurs to mid-sized companies, our fee varies significantly, but our minimum fee is R5,000 per month.