How we charge

Working with us gives you access to a temporary Marketing Director and Marketing Manager at a fraction of the usual cost and with maximum flexibility and impact.

Marketing retainer


A high-impact marketing workshop to explore your challenge and develop a plan of attack.

Each workshop typically lasts two hours and starts with a review of your objectives, followed by a brainstorm to flesh out strategic options and a planning session to clarify next steps.

The workshop is conducted by Bernard Jansen, who has many years of experience helping entrepreneurs and companies take a strategic approach to marketing and branding.

We charge R7,000 for this workshop and conduct it at a venue of your convenience. Travel costs outside of Gauteng are excluded.


We work with you and your team over some time as an outsourced, strategic marketing resource. We implement strategic projects, train your team, draw up plans and generally manage your marketing on a day to day basis according to best practice approaches.

Our fee is not linked to hours but stays the same for every month of our involvement. This way, we can focus on delivering a successful outcome no matter the time it takes.

Since we work with a broad spectrum of clients, from startup entrepreneurs to mid-sized companies, our fee varies greatly, but on average, it is R10,000 per month.

Let's start like this.

If you are interested in potentially working with us, we suggest an introductory phone call. Just send us an email, and we will respond within a day.