How we work

Marketing retainer

First consultation

We do a free initial consultation, either at our offices or over the phone / Skype / Google Hangouts in which we provide as much initial guidance as possible. The duration of this first consultation is not limited – we will talk for as long as is required to understand your challenge and give a recommendation.


For small businesses and startups requiring help with marketing strategy and planning, we facilitate a workshop conducted by Bernard Jansen, founder of Firejuice and seasoned marketing consultant. The workshop takes place at a venue of your choice and is not limited by time. We continue for as long as is required. The outcome is a typed summary, capturing key insights and decisions.

The cost of the workshop is R7,000 (depending on the size of the group and location).


For companies requiring longer-term assistance with marketing strategy, planning and projects we work on a monthly retainer basis. The retainer is not linked to hours, meaning we do what it takes to deliver results. We don’t count hours.

On average, our retainer works as follows:

  • For startups & small businesses, R5,000 / month.
  • For mid-sized companies, R20,000 / month.

Our involvement typically lasts 6 months.