A number of conversations with small business owners this past week has made me realise just how different the world of business is when you sit deep inside the belly of a large corporate versus when you are outside of it, starting your own business. I can’t help but think of the former as a dream and the latter, as reality.
To be clear, this comparison should not be seen as criticism. One isn’t good and the other bad. You get some fantastic realities and some awful ones. The same goes for dreams!
But getting back to my comparison: The differences between the marketing game in a big corporate versus marketing your own business is like yin and yang.  Here is a summary of my findings over the last few weeks:
The real world
Lala land
Whatever you do, stand out from the crowd
Whatever you do, fit into the crowd
Enjoy your coffee breaks

Count your coffee breaks
Share information
Protect information
Phone people
Email people
Make sure you are happy with your work

Make sure others are happy with your work
Exchange value for money
Exchange time for money
Year-end bonus = irrelevant
Year-end bonus = happiness
Be nice
Be careful

I have been spending the last few months building up a consulting business focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses maximise their growth through a targeted focus on their brand.

Looking at it now, I see my work as helping more people succeed in the real world. One brand at a time.