Two decades ago, if you wanted to be known, you had to advertise either on radio, inside a magazine or – if you were cash strapped – print a leaflet. Those were the days when advertising was tangible, straight forward stuff.

  • Importantly, maybe because things were so tangible, some clear fundamentals existed for success: • It was accepted that a level of sustained activity was required. A leaflet every month or a daily ad on radio for a period. There was an element of LONGEVITY and DISCIPLINE to advertising.
  • It was understood that advertising COSTS MONEY. No-one expected the magazine ad or leaflet to happen “for free”.
  • The importance of QUALITY was understood and easily judged. A leaflet took time to produce and either looked poor or beautiful! It is easy to hear a bad radio ad.  Clear cut rules existed for good advertising.

Obviously, these fundamentals are still relevant today, but easier to ignore with the onset of digital marketing. Somehow the bar has dropped quite a bit, partly because digital marketing tools are so easily accessible and “cheap”. Now everyone can quickly post something on Facebook and promote it for a few bucks. No wonder so much bad digital marketing happens. No wonder so much of it don’t deliver results!

It’s become too easy to advertise.

But the fundamentals still apply. Whether you know about it, and follow it, is another story.

  • Let’s recapture the tried and tested rules of effective advertising • It must be well written,
  • It must look beautiful,
  • It must show-up (or be heard) often. Of course, all the above happens because you’ve set aside time, and money to produce good advertising, even if it is digital and even if you do it yourself.

Don’t take shortcuts with your advertising. It doesn’t work.