I suggest that in 2017, when we use the word “marketing”, we automatically think about “building relationships”. The moment you do this, it’s as if everything about marketing becomes much clearer. Let me show you what I mean by revisiting a few nagging questions I often get from entrepreneurs…

Why is marketing so fluffy, difficult to measure and hard to calculate a return on?

Because building relationships is like that. It’s never an exact science since you are dealing with people!

Q: How can marketing help me boost my sales?
A: If you first build a relationship with a prospective customer, it will be far easier to sell them something later on.

Q: Why can’t marketing be instantly effective!
A: Because you don’t build relationships overnight. It takes time.

Q: What marketing should I be doing?
A: You should do whatever is required to communicate successfully with your prospective client, since communication is the cornerstone of strong relationships!

Q: How much money should I be spending on marketing in 2017?
A: That’s like asking how much money should you be spending on your wife’s valentines gift. If too little, you’re in trouble. Too much, and you’re bankrupt. The trick is to spend just enough to make sure you can build a relationship without breaking the bank! That could include giving away something of value early on, like some of your time, if that helps to establish the beginnings of a relationship with an attractive prospect.

Let’s stop pretending marketing is this funny, unnecessary luxury. It’s all about building great relationships with your future and current customers. Surely you can’t do without it?