We can make marketing very complex; or very easy. I prefer the second option.

Does your business have an opinion? What is that opinion? Does that opinion matter to your customer? Is that opinion different from the other opinions your customer is hearing? Do you successfully get your opinion across to your customer? Do they listen; understand? Do they want to take action after hearing it?

That’s essentially marketing. It is driven by your opinion on what you are trying to sell.

For example, let’s say you produce ceiling boards. What does your business believe about the ceiling board market that sets it apart, and how is that reflected in the actual product you sell? Maybe it is that your ceiling boards are locally made which, in your opinion, makes it a better quality and better priced. That’s then what your marketing should say!

There are many ways in which we can make marketing complex. But these are superficial detractions. Some examples:

  • Is there a difference in B2B marketing vs. B2C? Essentially, no. Your business still needs an opinion about what it does. In B2C you tell that opinion to a single person, the consumer, whereas in B2B to a crowd, the company you are targeting.
  • Is there a difference between marketing a product vs. a service? Not really. It still comes down to having a unique view that set’s you apart.
  • The difference between marketing and sales? Marketing is about telling your opinion; sales, about getting someone to take action based on it.

Straight forward stuff.

Does your business have an opinion? Can you summarise it in a short sentence? Does your customer like your opinion?

That’s marketing. Are you doing it?