Does your business have a brand blue-print?

Most small business owners know they should market their business. They understand that marketing is important and so they try to do it. They get someone to do them a nice logo & business card. They make sure there is a sign at the entrance. Many have some elementary website and some go further by trying to at least keep the website up to date and modern. But here is the thing. It is stupid investing in marketing activities if you don’t know exactly what your company’s brand is about. Some business are lucky and have someone that “just get’s their business” and know how to push sales. But what happens the day that person leaves?

The idea is to formalize what your company brand stands for. Take it out of someone’s head and put it on paper! Here’s how:
  • Make a list of your top 3 competitors. Visit their websites, Facebook pages and any other material they put out there and make a note of the core message they tell customers.
  • Have a look at your customers. Who are the top 3 customers that use your services? Why do they choose you over the competition?
  • Look inside at your business. How would you describe your business’ culture and what is the long term vision for your business.
Take all these elements and write it down. Then, take a step back and ask yourself, what is the single message about your company that you want to broadcast to the world? What is the one thing, given your analysis, that is unique to your company, unique in the market and truly compelling to customers? This is your brand essence.

Finally, the important part: put all the analysis and the brand essence together in a short 2 page document – the brand blue-print. This blue-print is the document you should give to anybody doing any marketing for your company because it ensures that all the marketing activity, no matter who produces it, stays true to the brand. It literally takes the fluff out of marketing!

Does your company brand have a blue-print, or are you purely relying on someone who “knows” your business well to “think-up” your next promotional campaign?