If you want to lose weight from eating healthily, you need to do it over a long period of time to see results.

If you want to build enough savings to one day live off the interest, you need to save a substantial amount over years, otherwise you will come out short.

To cook a great meal takes planning and effort.

In fact, each of the above requires two things: a plan, and a long time. These are universal ingredients for success. The same goes for marketing!

  • You need a marketing plan,
  • You need to continue doing marketing for a long time,

Just doing a little bit of marketing for a short while will not help you.

Many business owners under-invest chronically in marketing. They build a new website, then leave it untouched for years before revisiting it. They start a Facebook page, post a few things, then stop. They attend some industry events, then give up on going because they don’t see immediate returns.

This is not the kind of approach that will render results!

One of the biggest differences between sales and marketing is the time horizon that they each focus on. Sales is focused on the short term; marketing on the long term. By having both a sales and a marketing approach, you are not only focusing on this month, but also on next year. You are preparing the soil for next seasons’ sales harvest!

Ultimately it all boils down to having that marketing plan. Without it you are almost certainly going to take an on-again / off-again approach. A recipe for disappointment!

If you don’t do any marketing, start. And if you don’t see immediate results, continue. Stick to the plan!