Do you need to do marketing in your business? Or only sales?

Doing marketing activity can feel like such a waste of time. It takes a long time to show results – if it even shows results. Actually, it feels like a gamble, and as a business owner you do not have money to gamble.

So maybe it is better not to do marketing, and just focus on sales?

Or maybe you run a business that does not need to do marketing? An industrial business with only a few large companies as potential clients. No need to do marketing there, surely? Just make a few “sales calls” and meetings with the right people….

Or maybe you are running a pure technology business? It is all driven off the cloud with app downloads straight from Google’s Play store. Why spend money on marketing when all you need is to get a few key influencers to use the app and tell their friends?

Then there is the fact that marketing has such a bad name. Look at the drama around Facebook lately with its privacy breaches. Who wants to even invest money in marketing if it is such a dodgy area?

Why do marketing, if all you need is sales?

The answer is because you have to. You don’t have a choice. The only question you have to answer is whether you do it properly, or not.

You see, marketing does not start with social media or your website or whether you attend the next tradeshow or do a cold-call. Marketing starts with your message….your story to the world. Everyone needs a good story to tell!

The reason why brands such as Nike or Boeing or Apple or Microsoft or even an industrial toolmaker such as Caterpillar has great marketing is because they tell a great story, and this is where you should start with your marketing.

What is the story of your business, service or product?

A great story should resonate strongly with your customer, and your employees – even if you employ only one person: yourself. It must be different, describe a clear value proposition that is easy to understand and, most importantly, be truthful.

Too often Entrepreneurs debate the need to invest in marketing because of the expense, but this is the wrong approach. Long before marketing reflects on your Profit & Loss statement, it should reflect in a gut feeling that you, your team and your customers get when they hear what you sell.

As a marketing consultant my first job is not to tell someone where they should advertise, but rather to help them tell a better story!