Nobody doubts the importance of Sales as a key function in a organisation. Sales is a non-negotiable. You have your core Operations, your Finance department, someone handling HR….and Sales.

But not Marketing.

Marketing is optional, immeasurable and generally far removed from reality. It does not link straight to income, only to expenses.

I hate this type of Marketing because it hurts. It hurts the business who cannot see the results. It hurts the marketer who doesn’t feel appreciated. No one should engage in this type of Marketing.

The Marketing you should do is the type that gives you the edge over everyone else. Everyone has Operations, similar to yours; a Bookkeeper, following the same rules; an HR person, struggling with the same issues and a Sales team trying just as hard to beat your price and push their volume. What a losers’ game?

Marketing done well gives you an unfair advantage because it plays to your unique strengths. It tells customers why you are different. A winner’s game.

Does your Marketing do this for you?