What makes a seesaw so amazing for a child is that whatever someone does on the other side has a direct, positive impact on them.

Off course, this all works in the physical world of the park playground, but what about the adult world and the playground of business? What about the intangible world of human relations?

The amazing thing about a seesaw is that it forces you to make a few critical choices that are just as applicable in the world of business.

With a seesaw you are forced to pick one person to play with. You can’t choose everyone. You are forced to face towards the other person and observe them carefully to coordinate your actions. On a seesaw you constantly adjust your actions to those of the person on the other side. And critically, on a seesaw you are both having fun. You are both “winning”.

Are you playing seesaw with your customers? Are you using all the tools at your disposal to be in touch with them, communicate with them, add value to them, so that they can in turn do the same to you? Are you observing them carefully and adjusting your actions accordingly?

In fact, maybe the most important question is: do you even know who is on the seesaw with you? Do you know who your customer is, and are they responding positively to your actions? If not, it is maybe time that you look at them more carefully, or choose another customer.