How do you attract attention in the wild? You leave footprints and a scent. Evidence that you’re in the area…

But is your business leaving such evidence of its presence in the wilds of the marketplace? Are you making it known that “you” are in the area?

With digital marketing tools it is easier than ever to drop a scent that you are around. On average every week about 200 people visit the Firejuice website. 90% of them are from South Africa and most of them hang around for about 3 minutes. They’ve picked up our scent.

I try and post regularly on LinkedIn in my personal capacity. My last post had 300 views and many of those ended up reading further about what I do and about Firejuice. They followed my digital footprints.

As a business we also post once a week on the Firejuice LinkedIn page where we have a steadily growing following of whom many are business owners and entrepreneurs who again “pick up our scent”.

Then we spend some money on Google’s Adwords platform to appear in relevant searches for marketing advice. Another scent in the air…

Finally there is this weekly email to nearly 400 people…a reminder that I am in the area.

In the savannas of the marketplace, you want to be found! You want to be caught! Make sure you leave a scent!