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Your business should take a stand on the things that matter to your customers

I appreciate what Donald Trump is doing in American politics. And what Julius Malema is doing here in South Africa. Both stand for something in a sea of foggy politics. There is no doubt about what they represent, and to whom. Do I necessarily agree with them? No.

I am not a big fan of using Apple and Steve Jobs as examples (they have little relevance to the local entrepreneur fighting a daily battle), but this idea of standing for something is beautifully illustrated in this YouTube video where Jobs talks to senior managers and says: “Our customers want to know: who is Apple, and what is it that we stand for?”.

Do your customers know this about your business?

The trick is not just to stand for something, but to stand for something meaningful to your customer. It is about stripping out all the complexity and getting to the heart of what your business is trying to help with.

This idea of standing for something, of taking a stand, does not only apply to consumer markets. In business and industrial markets it is equally important because it allows you to set yourself apart from every other solution or product on the table.

You are almost certainly not the only option that your customer has, but you can be the only one with a certain approach to the problem, a certain philosophy, a certain vision for selling what you are selling.

I often get people telling me about other brand strategists and marketing consultants in the local market. They do what I do. Maybe some are cheaper, more experienced, or even better in a given situation. But I promise you, none of them are as passionate about “helping entrepreneurs win through marketing”, than me. Beat that.

Ultimately the product, service and price certainly matter most, but it does not matter ultimately. Think about it, ultimately you choose to do business with whom you like most. Simple as that. And this depends on who offers the most value, not just through product / price, but also in terms of offering something “extra”.

What does your business stand for?