A Strategic Approach to Building a Brand

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It is easy to underestimate how hard logo design can be, whether a company or product brand. Many make the mistake to think they can “quickly get someone to design a logo” and start selling the “brand”. In our experience this is a short sighted approach. If you are serious about launching a brand, you need a slightly more comprehensive approach to develop something that stands out!

Firejuice partners directly with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives over an extended period to help them develop, launch and grow a brand.

Our approach

  1. We do in-depth interview(s) to understand the story behind the brand,
  2. We then capture the story in writing and facilitate the graphic design phase.
  3. Finally, we help you develop and implement a marketing plan to grow the brand.

We help you build your brand

We prefer to help you develop, launch and grow the brand through a long term commitment to your business. In short – we want to stick around and make sure you succeed. In our experience a minimum period for our involvement is 6 months using an affordable, fixed fee operating model.

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Why use Firejuice?

  • Work specifically with small and medium sized companies
  • Use top quality freelance designers
  • Follow a best practice approach to logo and identity development
  • Do not over complicate it
  • Work fast and effective

Examples of work we have done

Over the years we have done numerous brand logo and corporate identity projects for business owners and entrepreneurs serious about developing an attractive offering for the market. Some case studies include:

Bernard Jansen Marketing Consultant
Bernard Jansen - Marketing Consultant
``To design and launch a new brand requires more than just pretty pictures. It requires a real understanding of the person behind the brand, the business and the target customer.``

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Firejuice marketing services to SMEs

Firejuice aims to offer best practice marketing and branding strategy services to small and medium sized companies in South Africa. Our clients range from individuals with new ideas, to founders and CEOs of mid-sized companies looking for quality advice. We aim to work with our clients on a long-term basis to help them achieve accelerated growth.

Our services are focused on small and medium sized companies:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand design

  • Project management

  • Outsourced marketing management

  • Marketing training