Business success recipe

What is your business success recipe?

Do you have a business success recipe, or are you still trying to find it? It’s okay to still be looking, but you can’t look forever. At some point you need to know what it is you should be doing to make money, consistently. I think a lot about this topic, partly because Firejuice is…

marketing reach

Why you should measure your marketing reach

Business is a numbers game. When I speak to entrepreneurs about marketing they always give me the same reason why they want to do it: because we want to sell more. Needless to say, “selling” is about the numbers. But before you can reach any of these numbers, you need the marketing reach. So if…

motivate price increase

How to motivate your next price increase

It can be difficult to motivate a price increase on your product, but maybe you are thinking about it all wrong. I was watching an interview some time ago with an executive at a large overseas freight rail company when he was asked by the interviewer about his plans to raise prices in a deflated…

Sales vs. Marketing

Sales versus Marketing and which one to use

There is no such thing as Sales vs. Marketing. There is just one thing: how to get your product, or service, out the door and into the hands of the customer. You can call this process whatever you want: Sales. Marketing. Business D​evelopment. Point is, you need to get your message across and get your…

A man on a staircase facing the other way of the camera

The importance of having an advisor in the work place.

Who’s advising you? In a corporate business there is never just one boss. There’s the CEO, an executive team and a board. But in a small to medium sized business there is often just one: the business owner. The business owner is in many cases alone at the top and goes unchallenged. The result is…

apricot jam home industry niche market

The importance of focusing on a niche market

The fewer resources you have, the more focused you need to be. This is the Importance of a niche market and it is the essence of the concept of strategy. Strategy is nothing but answering the question: “where will we focus our efforts?” By focusing your efforts, given your limited resources, you allow for two powerful…