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Bernard started Firejuice in 2013 and has been writing this (almost) weekly blog ever since! He shares his learnings on matters marketing, branding, sales, and business development as he works directly with business owners and executives building their companies.

Bernard Jansen Marketing Consultant

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Where are the results?

It’s about results. Every function in your business must deliver results. Clear; tangible, measured in numbers, and ultimately, money. As I work with small-medium sized companies this truth is evident daily. There is no room for wastage. Every function in the business must deliver – results. But why does Marketing have such a bad reputation…


Selling value

Are you selling value? Or something else? This is the most critical question in business. What’s on offer; does it hold value, and if so – how much, and then – how much do you charge for it? Ultimately, your business is a value delivery vehicle, and the lubricant that makes the engine run, is…


Critical sales

Last week I wrote about tough sales, but this week I realised there is a whole other level of sales toughness – the critical sale. The more I work with industrial clients, the more I realise that every factory has a machine that should not break down. If it does, the entire operation comes to…


Tough sales

It’s not tricky selling ice-cream to beachgoers on a hot summers day. Just walk up and down the promenade with a cooler box and make some noise. A good bell will do. The sale itself is easy, but why?  The market is captured, sitting right there on the beach. The competition are few – you…


Target products

For marketing to be effective, it does require not only a target market but also a target product. That single offering that gives you the highest chance of becoming part of the customer’s life.


Stop selling things people don’t want

I’ve been trying to sell this one service to business owners for a long time where we would help them manage their marketing on a month to month basis. And almost always I would get blank stares. What exactly will we be doing? Why can’t they do it themselves? Does it include social media? Logo…


Why I’ll never want to be your CMO

I would never want to be the Chief Marketing Officer of a business because I think most businesses don’t need a separate, senior marketer. In all but a handful of cases the role is either a glorified admin role, or it ends up clashing with that of the CEO / Owner and you end up…