That’s right. Attack it!

Most businesses I deal with don’t. They wait for an opportunity to approach the potential customer; for the phone to ring or an email to arrive. Only then do they jump into action mode.

This is a “sales dominant mind-set”. It says: “give me a lead THEN I will go and make the sale. But until then, I am sitting here waiting.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can jump onto the front foot by actively approaching the market, namely all the potential customers you are interested in. How? By promoting your business through well-defined products and services and clear communication. It’s called marketing.

Marketing may be a soft science, but it does not have to be the soft underbelly of your business. Professional marketing is about interacting with potential customers even if they have no inclination to buy from you yet. It is a distinctly proactive thing to do. It is about attacking the market, instead of defending your income statement.

Just think about common marketing terms and you’ll notice the theme of war! Terms such as: target market, market penetration and communications campaign – these all have battle origins.

If your sales team are the troops, your marketing team are the spies. They gather information and develop campaigns that promote your cause and raise questions with prospects that give the sales team a leg-up.

As I work with clients, I also learn. One of my profound realisations lately has been how passive and unorganised many are in promoting their cause. I see marketing as the ultimate answer in changing this. Dare I say, “sales” are reactive, but “marketing” is “proactive”!

Are you waiting for the phone to ring? Time to attack!