How we work

We provide independent marketing strategy and management services to Entrepreneurs looking for break-through growth.

Areas of focus

Marketing strategy

We help you develop a marketing strategy for your business to ensure you achieve maximum return on investment on your marketing activity.

Brand positioning

We help you develop a clear brand position for a new or existing brand to ensure maximum customer appeal and market stand-out.

Marketing management

We will help you manage your marketing activity to ensure it is of a high quality and delivers results. When you are ready to manage it yourself we will ensure a smooth transition.

Marketing technology

We will take a look at all the marketing technology tools that you use in your business, such as the CRM system, email marketing programmes and data analytics and ensure it is well integrated into your business and optimised.

Training and development

We will work with you and your team over a period of time to help you become better marketers and learn how to manage your own marketing investment better in order to gain results.

How we charge

Firejuice coffee chat

Coffee chat

A free chat to discuss your marketing challenge and explore solutions. In many cases we are able to help clients sufficiently in this session to carry on without us.

Firejuice workshop


A workshop over a morning or afternoon in which we take a detailed look at your marketing challenge and help you develop a plan to grow the brand or business. We charge R5 000 for such a marketing strategy workshop.

Firejuice retainer

Monthly retainer

If you need in-depth help over a period of time we will work with you on a monthly fixed fee basis (i.e. the fee remains the same every month) until you are able to take over. Our retainer is based on the size of the project and the timeframe, but on average it is R9 000 / month.

Our style of work


We follow an agile approach to Marketing in which we aim to gain a rapid understanding of the major challenges and then act fast to ensure quick wins. Through ongoing contact we refine our approach and capture learnings.


We structure our engagements to be as flexible as the client requires, but typically our involvement only lasts a limited period until you are able to manage your own marketing.


From experience we get much better results if we work closely with our clients. By combining your understanding of the business, with our expertise in marketing, we achieve greater success, faster.

Things we do


  • Define the marketing message to ensure it drives sales,
  • Develop marketing campaigns to win over new customers,
  • Improve the company website to ensure it adds tangible business value,
  • Implement marketing activities to assist with lead generation,
  • Implement a social media plan to improve visibility and customer interaction,
  • Improve product brochures and other company documents to support sales,
  • Train staff to manage your marketing activities,


  • Review branding and to ensure it is clearly differentiated,
  • Review competitors and propose angles of attack,
  • Conceptualise and project manage logo development for a new product or business unit,
  • Conduct market research and customer surveys to gain new insights,


  • Improve the company website to ensure it adds tangible business value,
  • Analyse digital marketing data and report on findings,
  • Implement a CRM system to manage customer relationships,
  • Build a customer database and implement marketing automation.