Here’s what we believe:

Small and medium sized companies can unlock big growth if they do better marketing.

But what stops them?

  • They don’t have the budgets and marketing departments of big companies.

  • They get bad advice from too many people who think they know.

  • They lack information and time to execute brilliantly.

But the biggest reason is this: too much doing happens and too little thinking.

Before you do marketing, you need to think about marketing. And the place to start, is with the brand. A well defined, clearly differentiated brand allows a company to focus its activity and move employees and customers into action.

This is what we love doing: working closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to define brands, develop marketing plans and ensure brilliant execution.

Bernard Jansen Marketing Consultant
Bernard C. Jansen

Founder & Head Consultant

A no-nonsense approach.

Moshoeu Desiree Lebelo

Marketing Assistant

Focused on the detail!