About us

Where do you go for unbiased, no-nonsense, fact based, best practice marketing advice that will grow your business?

There is an oversupply of free-lancers and agencies delivering the tactics, such as designing brochures, posting to social media, optimising for search engines and every other “digital” tool. But is there a plan in place that ties in with the business objectives?

At Firejuice our goal is to provide the foundations of effective marketing to those without access to a marketing director or senior marketing manager.

Our clients range from individuals with new ideas, to founders and CEOs of mid-sized companies.

We work with you and your team, including existing sales and marketing staff and suppliers, to build brands and drive growth.

Core team

Bernard Jansen
Bernard Jansen

Founder & Head Consultant

Focused on brand strategy and marketing planning.

Moshoeu Lebelo

Account Manager

Focused on digital marketing strategy and project management.


Rob Reimers
Rob Reimers

Rob has international, executive level marketing experience with Unilever and as an independent consultant working on projects across the Middle East and Africa.