Here’s an interesting one!

It’s common practice to separate marketing and sales, especially in B2B environments, and yet, as a marketer, I often get enquiries from B2B companies wanting my help with “getting new clients”. Essentially, they are phoning the marketer to help with sales!

Obviously “marketing” and “sales” are two different divisions in most companies, but both are eventually held accountable for more sales. Whose job is it then?

You see, this brings me to a fundamental point: that marketing and sales should not be treated as separate things but rather a continuum based on how an outsider experiences the company.

As a prospect, the first experience of a company is likely through marketing material and then as they gradually move into a purchasing process it involves direct contact with the sales team. Nowhere along this process do they come across a sign that says: “you are now moving from marketing to sales, enjoy your journey”. For them it is one process, and yet companies break it up into two?

Clearly you need to do both marketing and sales, to generate money.

Ultimately it is about having a process – a roadmap of engagement – with your prospect. This should take a prospect on a journey from the point where they hear of you, to finding out more about you, to engaging with you, to negotiating with you, to buying from you, to re-engaging with you. It’s a loop.

If your business is struggling to make money, you’ve got to ask three questions:
1. How good is our marketing?
2. How good is our sales?
3. And crucially, how well are the two interlinked to provide a single journey to the customer?

Don’t treat marketing and sales too differently. The customer doesn’t.