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Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to my website,

I am Bernard Jansen, a high octane marketing consultant to entrepreneurs. I am based in Johannesburg but work with client’s everywhere.

I work specifically with entrepreneurs and inside highly entrepreneurial companies to help them do marketing that works!

Firejuice is the name of my website but also hints at my hair colour and personality. It is also a statement of intent: that clearly defined, well supported brands can ignite business growth!

Marketing Consultant Johannesburg
Bernard C. Jansen

Sectors I’ve worked in:

  • Consumer goods
  • Professional services
  • Engineering
  • Building & construction
  • SaaS & business services
  • Apparel & fashion
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Agricultural commodities

Projects I’ve worked on:

  • Develop new company & product brands
  • Launch new brands
  • Improve existing brands
  • Increase marketing spend ROI
  • Build marketing capability inside the business
  • Assess & improve digital marketing channels

Why work with me?

  • I don’t come with pre-planned solutions
  • I work closely with your team
  • I use your current suppliers, if required
  • I have an established network of trusted suppliers, if needed
  • I approach marketing from a business angle first
  • I work with your sales team, instead of fight with them
  • I keep it informal and outcomes focused
  • I don’t waste time

Weekly insights

I blog weekly about what I learn and think.


A group my skills into three broad categories:

Marketing strategy

  • Clear direction to increase marketing effectiveness.

Brand development

  • Practical plans to build distinctive brands for products, services and companies.

Implementation support

  • Project management of marketing activities to ensure results.


Why I am doing this, and how.

Where do you go as an entrepreneur inside a small or mid-sized company looking for high quality marketing advice?

  • You can phone the local marketing agency, who will likely try to sell you a retainer using their tools,
  • You can follow a trial and error approach and end up wasting time and money,
  • You can read the ever expanding list of blogs and articles on how to do marketing, but this will take forever,
  • You can employ a marketing director, but they will cost you lots of money.

So what now?

I provide independent, media agnostic, gimmick free advice on how to do marketing given your unique business environment. What’s more, I help you implement your marketing using best practice project management techniques.

My approach is practical, results driven and rooted in the unique reality of entrepreneurial environments.


Solid business understanding, bottomless marketing skills, approachable attitude and no-holds-bar feedback. read more

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